Saturday, August 12, 2017

Joe's New Roost

Ever since Joe was allowed to free range he never goes back to his coop in the evening.  Every night he flies to the top of the miter saw in the Corn Crib Carport and roost.  Every night I go collect him and put him in his coop.  I have to wait until it is dark because if he does see me coming he jumps down and runs away.  Then I have to wait for him to go back to the saw and grab him after dark. 

Now we usually only let Joe run around the yard after we are home, but since we got the other girls from the fair we had to put Joe into a dog crate.  I don't like leaving him in there during the day, its too small.  So I let him run around they yard even though we are not home.  Well, we were going out of town last weekend and Jim did not want to leave him vulnerable so we put him in the fenced in backyard.  We did not get home until after dark and I kinda wondered if Joe would eventually realize he can just fly/jump over the fence and go roost on the saw.  When  we got home there was Joe roosting on the top of the fence gate!

Now for the past couple nights he has decided that the backyard fence is his new roost area!

So he is right outside the mudroom ready to be collected! At least the new girls will be moving into the big coop soon and then Joe can have his big pen again!  But I will still have to collect him every night and take him to it!

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