Thursday, October 20, 2016

New first egg...I think

When I collected our 9th egg yesterday I noticed that it looked kinda different. It's the lower one in the picture.  The ones I've been  collecting have speckles on them and this one didn't.   My first thought was that the speckles were temporary and we wouldn't be getting anymore that way.  Then when I collected the 10th egg today it was speckled.  So I think that both Laverne and Lucille are laying now, but the best proof will be when I get two eggs on the same day!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Coop update

So I have all the walls up and the first coat of paint.  The roof is ready for singles (that will the scary part!)  I'm taking advantage of the warm weather and getting the bulk of the painting done.  I got most of the first coat done on Monday but I ran out of paint snd daylight!  All the trim around the doors and corners have to be added and they will be painted white.  Still lots to do!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Our second egg!

Yes two days later we got our second egg!  This one was in the nest box.  I'm very happy that they figured it out.  I was worried they would lay one again in the coop, which would increase the chances of it breaking and then someone would discover how delicious they are!  Once you get a chicken that is an egg eater its very hard to break them of the habit.
The egg skelter is filling up!  Don't worry, I'll probably only post the first 20 eggs, I'm sure the excitement will wear off by then!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Our first egg

I'm so excited, we got our first egg!  I just set up the nest boxes over the weekend,  I had them blocked off cause all they would do is poop in it.  I put curtains in front to make them a little darker.  I used Batman fabric of course.

When I got home from work I let them out to free range and thought I'd just look to see if the was an egg.  You could tell someone had scratched around in them but no egg.  Then as I was closing the nest box door I glanced in the coop window and there was an egg laying on the floor of the coop!

It was a brown egg so it was from either Laverne or Lucille.  I'm going to blow it out and keep the empty shell.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

New Baby Chicks Have Arrived

Yeah...they are here!

 They arrived safely Tuesday on the afternoon truck to the post office.  My mother and family friend, Sondra, came up for a visit and we went to lunch downtown at the Lamplight Grill.  We went to the post office about 1pm and the clerk in back was just getting ready to dial my number to let me know the chicks had arrived!

We made a stop at Meijer so I could get some peanut oil.  My mother bought me a Whirley popcorn popper and I like to pop my corn in peanut oil.  When I got back to the car, mom already had one of the chicks out of the box, cuddled in a towel because the other chickens were pecking at it! LOL! Yes chickens peck at each other a lot! Bulling can be bad if a bunch are pecking on the same bird. You don't want any blood to show up because that would get worse and lead to cannibalism.

They now have lots of room to run around and get away from anyone pecking at them.  That is one of the reasons you want to have lots of room for your chickens to live in, you want them to be able to get away from someone pecking at them. 

I'll point out which breeds the chicks are.  I posted previously about the breeds I had ordered.

She will be the Buff Laced Polish. 

She will be the Light Brown Leghorn.  She will look very similar in coloring to Queen Ann.  The chick even has the same Cleopatra eyes!

This will be the Silver Cuckoo Marans.  This chick reminds me so much of a penguin!

She is the Silver Laced Polish.  I love the extra tuft of fluff the polish breeds have on their heads, this will turn into their big crest of feathers.

 They are so much fun to watch.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Chicken update

I thought I would share a bunch of chicken pictures.  Bert and the girls were free ranging last weekend...

Bert and the girls
They really like to explore.  They do stay close to their coop, but they ventured down the driveway one night last week and could be seen from the front porch.  That only lasted for a few minutes then they scurried back to familiar territory.

They have been enjoying some of the treats I share from the garden.  They really like corn on the cob!  That cob is pecked clean!

Laverne and Queen Ann
They like it when I toss cherry tomatoes out of the garden for them.

Queen Ann and Laverne
Laverne, Lucille and Queen Ann
They seem to be doing well.  I like to let them out to roam, it gives the girls more space to get away from Bert if he doesn't like something they do and disciplines them.  I have started on the permanent coop, so we'll see how long that takes!  At least the weather is getting cooler and will be nicer to work in.  Baby chicks arriving next week...can't wait!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Teacup cabinet

I made a teacup cabinet a couple weeks ago.  I had a built in corner cabinet at our house in Grand Rapids, and didn't have anyplace in the new house to put my teacups and other nick nacks.  So I decided to make one.

I used the top of an old barn door that used to be on the corn crib carport and some boards from an old hay feeder that was built in front of the big barn.

I put a grove down the back of each shelf so that when you lean the saucer against the back it has something to catch it and keep it upright.  I bolted it to the wall with six 3 1/2" screws.

Now I have a wonderful display cabinet for my teacup collection. (with room to grow!)  I finally got my tealights in the mail, that is why this post is so late.  I was waiting for them so I could take a picture in the dark to show you how the tealights make my teacups glow.

I love it!