Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Girls have Saddles

I finally put the saddles on Laverne and Princess Diana.

Bert is so amorous that the girls are loosing a lot of feathers on their backs and will soon get some scratches or gashes. And we don't want any blood showing because they will peck on any bloody spots they see on other chickens.  Poor Princess Diana sill has a large bald spot on the back of her head but there is not anything to cover it with.  Someone suggested a hat but it would have to be tied and then when Bert pulled on it, it would just choke her!

They have been on for week now and they seem to be adjusting to them okay. 

I thought a purple one would be the best for Laverne to match her Lavender color!

I was lucky enough that the lady I ordered them from had this wonderful Wonder Women fabric for Princess Diana!  I think they both look Fabulous!  Now I'm gonna have to get some more soon when I release the two new girls and Lucille into the big coop with these three. 

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