Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Young Ones Free Ranging

Everyone in the big coop is on lock down.  I put Selma, Patty and Lucille in there and closed the doors.  They are sorting out the pecking order (poor Selma and Patty) and getting used to where they need to come home to at night to sleep.  Since they are all locked up and not allowed out I let the little ones run around the yard!

They are not so little anymore!  Still have not named them.  Oh and I forgot to mention that one of them has been crowing! UGH!  Damn Mother Nature for her 50/50 balance!  So it looks like I'm gonna need to build another rooster bachelor pad.  They are almost 4 months old now. 

They had fun in the yard.  But  after a half hour they were back in there coop, but then they ventured out again.  After a couple hours I happened to be outside and saw a hawk across the street on the telephone pole.  I got them to go back in there coop and shut them in. But they got to enjoy a couple hours. 

I figure all week I'll let them out when I get home while the others are locked up.  I can't let them out with the big girls yet, not for a couple more months. 

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