Monday, June 26, 2017

Chick update

They are growing so fast.
This is a couple weeks ago. 

They look so much alike I had to take their pictures in different locations so there was some variation  in the photo!  They and Lucille are doing very well. 
Here are photos from this past weekend. 

They are getting more feathers and getting bigger. I still can't tell them apart.  I call them Thing 1 & Thing 2, at least until I know what sex they will be or I can tell them apart. All their feathers look to be coming in black.  Which is odd to me because their mother is lavender and the father is mostly white, so you would think that they would have some type of color variation.  What is so funny is that the hen that sat on them and is mamma to them is all black, but she had nothing to do with their genetics!  I just pray they are both girls!

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