Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Farm Update - June

You saw the chicks are growing and we are praying they won't be crowing anytime at all. 
Princess Diana is still having some laying issues.  She seems to have a very good run for a little while then she starts having soft shell eggs again. 

It amazes me that these things make it out of her without breaking. I know Laverne and Princess Diana have to be stressed from all the attention Bert gives them.  It is better to have more hens so that the love is spread out.  I'm still waiting for the saddles I ordered so hopefully we will get them soon and that might help a little.

Laverne is my good producer right now.  She does about one a day. expect for the extreme heat tends to slow things down.  She is so sweet, she is the only one that will come up to me an let me pet her.  I only pick her up occasionally so she doesn't stop coming up to me. 

Joe has been taking over the front yard.  He hangs out there when we let them all out of their pens and he heads to the front, away from Bert. He just goes around crowing, saying this is my space. He even comes and visits us on the front porch and he is comfortable enough to stand there and preen himself for awhile.   I guess when we are sitting down we are not as intimidating as when we are walking around the yard.  

The chickens really don't like to be in the coop and run when we are home, whenever you go outside they stand by the gate waiting for you to open it.  If you don't, Bert crows even more.  But sometimes if we are going to be going away I don't let them out because its difficult to get them back in and impossible to get Joe back in his coop.  Last Saturday they were locked up most of the day, Jim ran some errands in the morning, then we went to the Lake Odessa Youth Fair later that afternoon.  When we got back Laverne had flown over the fence, probably because she was tired of being penned in with Bert! She likes her space to get away from him. 

Its hard to believe the baby chicks came from these two.  I'm just baffled where they get the all black feathers from. 

My Auntie Ann gave me this wonderful planter.  It looks fabulous on the front porch.  I have to shoo Joe away from the flowers cause he tries to eat them!

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