Friday, June 2, 2017

Two chicks hatched


When I got home yesterday Lucille was sitting by the feeder and my first thought was, "she's sitting on chicks!" I picked her up and she had two chicks under her.  They must have hopped out of the nest box and could not get back in so she was sitting on them keeping them warm.  I put her and the little ones back in the nest box and ran down to TSC and bought some chick feed. 

I got the small coop all ready and Jim helped me pull it out in the yard.  Momma, babies and eggs are all comfy together in the small chicken tractor. 

I believe these are the two eggs from Laverne.  I bought some fertilized eggs too but I put two of Laverne's with them.  When I looked at what was left of the shell it didn't have any writing on it (the purchased ones have initials for the different breeds) and it looked like the color of her eggs.

Lucille is a very happy momma! I do hope some of the other eggs hatch, but sometimes getting them through the mail the do get a bit scrambled. 

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