Saturday, January 21, 2017

Peck Lake Farm pictures from the past

Jim recently got in contact with a gentleman, Mr. Smith, that grew up on our farm in the early 1960's.  We invited him over for a tour of the house and barns.  He had a wonderful time and was excited to see how some things had not changed that much.  We were very excited to hear how things were back then and it explained alot about how additions and improvements were done over the years.  He later loaned us some photos he found of the farm back then.  Above you can  see the milk room on the large barn is the same, just in better condition!

This shows the Corn Crib Carport with a gas pump in front of it!.  There is also another building between the Corn Crib Carport and the small barn.  Mr. Smith called this the oil barn, cause they stored oil in it.  I was excited to see the two trees on the right.  The Pear trees that are still there today. 

This is looking from the back of our property towards Peck Lake Road.  On the far right you can see a farm house and a barn that used to be across the street.  Both of those buildings are no longer there.

This shows the field behind our property.  You can see far in the distance some post, Mr. Smith said there used to be a road that ran through the field. 

There used to be another pole barn next the Corn Crib Carport.T

This open structure next to the smaller barn is no longer there. Looks like they stored hay in it.

The big barn and both silos are still here. Minus the cows!

So fun to see the cows that used to be raised here.

That round metal building on the right is not here but the round cement from the floor of the building is.

 It was really nice to hear the stories Mr. Smith told about growing up here.  In the spring he might bring one or two of his siblings over for a tour, Can't wait!

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