Monday, January 11, 2016

First night

I spent my first night at the farm, finally!
Charlie and I stayed at the farm on the first weekend of the month.

As I replied in a text to a friend when he asked how my first night went: the mattress was uncomfortable (not my own bed), the light from the garage shined in the window (too cold to go out and turn it off), didn't sleep very well...IT WAS GREAT!!

It is hard to sleep in a different bed but for the occasional overnight at the farm it will be fine.  Charlie did not care for the very cold winds when going outside.  He would sniff around for the perfect spot to pee then a strong cold wind would whip across the field to the house and he was like, nope not doin' it and would run back to the door to go inside!

We did have a very pretty sunset to enjoy.

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