Friday, January 22, 2016

Aunt Maude's lamp

I have some of my Great Aunt Maude's furniture and one of the pieces is a wonderful floor lamp with a clock.  Several years ago I knocked it over and broke the glass dome on top that holds the lamp shade in place.  I was lucky enough to discover a replacement glass dome at an antique store in Lake Odessa, MI a couple years ago.  I didn't even know if it would really fit but I bought it anyway.  I never did find out if it fit or not, Jim accidentally dropped it in the driveway while taking it out of the trunk and it broke.

A couple weeks ago I discovered some on ebay!  So I took the lamp shade and measured how big the dome had to be on top to hold it in place and went online searching.  I found one for $4.00!  Awesome!
I was so excited that it fit.

It is so wonderful to have this great antique in working order again....well almost.  The clock has never worked for me, so that will be something else to have fixed later on.

I also attached these wonderful pull handles that my Mom got for me to the two accordion doors, one is the closet door in the mud room and the other is the laundry room door. 

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