Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Foggy Barn

It was crazy foggy last week at the farm.  I had to run out one night after work because Jim's Christmas present was delivered and I had to make sure it didn't get left outside overnight.  With this fog the box would have been soft and soggy!  Then I took this picture when I was there on Saturday and it was foggy again.  But its this crazy warm weather that is much better than snow!

I have some exciting news to share...I ordered 4 baby chicks to be delivered the week of April 25th 2016.  How exciting is that!  Here are some pictures I took off the internet to show what kind I purchased.  I ordered baby chicks but these pictures show what they look like when they grow up.

This is a Cream Legbar.  They lay blue colored eggs. 

This is a Lavender Orpington.  I really like the lavender and bluish colored chickens.  The Lavender is latest color to be developed in the Orpington breed.

The Blue Cochin.  This is known to be a very friendly breed.  The Cochin is a very large bird with feathers on their feet.

This is the Light Brahma.  Another friendly large breed that has feathers on their feet. 

So I am getting my plans ready for my chicken tractor and brooder.  I want to start them out in a chicken tractor (a movable coop with run) while I am building the chicken coop with paddocks.  Then I have the tractor to use if I have a sick hen or to use as a quarantine area if I purchase some hens from an outside source. 

I also wanted to share my cutting board I ordered off a shop on Etsy.

I just love it.  It is a nice thick wood cutting board.  You can use the other side when making dinner and after washing have a nice pretty engraved board to display in your kitchen.

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