Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bert Update #3

Bert is doing well.  After I moved Joe and Princess Diana, I cleaned out the chicken tractor so that I could move Bert in.  He is very happy to be able to sit on the roost and move around in the coop and run during the day.  When I first moved him out there he could hear all the commotion coming from the big coop and he was upset that he could not get over there to help them!

We continue to give him his antibiotic and spray his wounded areas with Vetericyn.  The cost to have his surgeries was much to high for us to pay.  I have been very adamant that I wanted to have him put down.  I didn't want to risk him getting an infection on the wound under his wing and suffering.  Its just exposed tissue under his wing.  His tail area has some pin feathers coming in.  And he does have some dead skin hanging from his tail area.  

Jim does not want to put him down if we don't have to, so he made a follow up appointment to see the vet on Friday.  We will see what she says.  If his back feathers come in and cover the tail area he may be able to go in with the rest of the flock.  I told Jim I will need to have the chicken tractor free when I get any replacement hens!

On Sunday when it was so nice out I let Bert out to run around the yard for the day.  He spent about an hour trying to get to the girls through the hardware cloth around the bottom of the coop.  Then he was by the electric fence and got zapped!  He doesn't go near that anymore! He walked around the yard eating grass and seemed to enjoy the freedom.  He still kept an eye on the other chickens occasionally.

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