Thursday, September 15, 2016

Chicken update

I thought I would share a bunch of chicken pictures.  Bert and the girls were free ranging last weekend...

Bert and the girls
They really like to explore.  They do stay close to their coop, but they ventured down the driveway one night last week and could be seen from the front porch.  That only lasted for a few minutes then they scurried back to familiar territory.

They have been enjoying some of the treats I share from the garden.  They really like corn on the cob!  That cob is pecked clean!

Laverne and Queen Ann
They like it when I toss cherry tomatoes out of the garden for them.

Queen Ann and Laverne
Laverne, Lucille and Queen Ann
They seem to be doing well.  I like to let them out to roam, it gives the girls more space to get away from Bert if he doesn't like something they do and disciplines them.  I have started on the permanent coop, so we'll see how long that takes!  At least the weather is getting cooler and will be nicer to work in.  Baby chicks arriving next week...can't wait!


  1. I can't believe how big they've gotten already! So glad you are enjoying the farm :-)