Sunday, April 24, 2016


The brooder is complete!  I took the old wood box that was left on the porch, painted it and added larger hinges.  I cut a large window in the front and put acrylic over it.  The hardware cloth on the sides of the acrylic is for ventilation.  I was going to put some ventaltion on the sides of the box but when I cut the area for the acrylic I measured for the height but not the width and cut it to big!  So I had to improvise, but it turned out fine.

We are keeping it out in the garage, Jim is not confident in my wiring abilities and he said "this way we only burn down the garage not the house."  And yes that is a couch in the background, it won't fit through the door so we have to wait until Jim tears apart the front porch, cause we would be able to get it through the front door but not the porch door.  I'll tell you more about remodeling plans later.

I'm so happy to have it done and ready for the little peeps!   Which will be coming in a couple days!  Yeah!

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