Friday, August 10, 2012

The New Ewe

I had a quilt show meeting the other night so I got to see some of my friends but since they kinda frown on chatting during a meeting I didn't have much time to visit.  I did get in a few minutes at the end.

Last weekend we went to the Newaygo county fair and stopped at some antique shops in Newaygo and Fremont.  I didn't get anything exciting this time, but I did see a Six Million Dollar Man metal lunch box.  I really should have bought it! The most exciting thing was a knitting and quilting shop right next to the antique store in Newyago!  I was told we didn't have time to stop! Yeah right!  

It was a charming shop called The New Ewe. It ha a very nice selection of everything.  I picked up this fun fabric and a queen bee tape measure.  I thought this fabric would be great to use in making some scissor holders.

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