Monday, August 6, 2012

Muskegon Trip

I'm sorry I haven't shared much lately,  I'm trying to get used to this new job schedule... having to work at all could be called a new experience after being laid off for 20 months!  After I get home and finish dinner and do a little housework, the next thing I know its time for bed.  I know I don't have to tell you about all that, but I've got to get used to it again and I need to get myself more organized so I can get some things done in the little time I have!!

A couple weekends ago, we took a trip to Muskegon to visit the county fair and along the way we stopped at the Muskegon Antique Mall.  It was a wonderful antique store.  I finally picked up one of those old iron presses I keep seeing and telling myself one of these days I'll buy one.  Well, I finally did!  It is a very nice one, free of any rust.  I think it will make a wonder book end on my new bookshelf.

Our nephew, Austin, went with us and of course he does not search each booth as methodically as we do. So he is always a few booths ahead of us. He came back to inform us that there was a booth coming up that Uncle Bobbi was going to love!  And he was right! It was filled with antique sewing things!  I spent a good time picking through all the carefully put together little grab bags full of a variety of sewing items.  I ended up choosing two bags of old spools of thread that were bagged up by color.  Of course, I got the yellow/golden assortments!  Then I added a couple from my stash of old thread spools and put them in a nice Ball jar!  I am very pleased with my new room decoration!

I may have to add a piece of fabric and some stuffing between the lid and the ring to make a nice little pincushion on top for some pins.  I'll have to dye some yellow fabric myself to make it extra special!

I have been searching for a receptacle to put my embroidery stabilizer and other type of rolled items in.  I have my mothers old crock that I am currently using and I wanted to find something a little shallower to put the shorter things in where they won't get lost.  When I saw this crate with Cotton Club written on the side, I knew it would be perfect in my studio.  Now its not as shallow as I would have liked but I could not resist.
When I first glanced at it I could have sworn that it said Fat Quarters on the bottom!!  I think it worked out great, and there is room to grow!!!  You can never have to many types of stabilizer!

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