Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Reunion Raffle Quilt Part Two

I have to tell you how wonderful it is to be making a quilt!  I have spent so much time making bags and other things, I just have had no time to quilt.  And let me tell you how much my feet hurt!  Standing and ironing over and over and standing and trimming over and over!  I really need to see about getting one of those spongy kitchen floor mats for my studio.  Did I mention that I have to have this done in a month!  Anyway, let me share my progress with you.
I sewed my strips together and pressed them.  The 4" x 8" blocks I sewed them to make four 3 1/2" half square triangles of each set.

I cut my strips into 2" sections.

And turned them into five 4-patch blocks of each set.  Aren't these fabrics just yummy!

This is a layout of the two blocks.

  Now I get to put the first set of blocks together!  Fun, fun, fun.....