Monday, June 18, 2012

Reunion Raffle Quilt Part One

This summer we are having a Prestin family reunion. This is with my paternal grandmothers family and we (the Buller's) are hosting the grand event.  There is going to be a raffle to raise money to help pay for renting the hall and other expenses.  I was asked to make a quilt that will be the main raffle item.
It will be like this only different!! This is a general idea of what the blocks will be. The finished quilt will also have 30 blocks not 20 like this diagram.  Every other block will be reversed, pieced with the neutral as dominate in the design. Sorry if that doesn't make sense, it will all become very clear.  Just wait, you'll see.
 I have 30 different fabrics, 15 color fabrics and 15 neutral fabricsLet me just tell you how fun that was, shopping for 30 different fabrics!! It was difficult to find 15 neutrals that were in that cream, beige or white group.  Almost all of the prints were from the civil war section of the store.  I just love civil war fabric!   I cut them into 2" strips and 4"x 8" blocks.  Now the magic begins.....

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