Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Bert Update #2

Bert had a visit with the vet.  This was a follow up after going to the emergency clinic.  We saw Dr. Ritzman at the Cascade Animal Hospital.  This is the same clinic we take our dogs and cat.  Since we we are existing client our visit was free, being that it was a follow up from going to the emergency clinic.

Dr. Ritzman said Bert looked very good, considering.  He has one large open wound under his left wing where the skin is not covering the muscle.  She said chicken skin is very elastic and the area is so large that it might be too difficult to put the ends together, or use good skin in the surrounding area to help repair it.  We may have to get some kind of patch to use instead. He also has dead tissue around his tail area that would need to be removed.

He won't be able to grow any tail feathers and his preening gland is destroyed. She wants to extend his antibiotic out another week and depending on what we decide to do about the surgeries he may be on it longer.  But overall he is doing very well.

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