Sunday, July 3, 2016


I finally got my clothesline finished.  I was inspired by the telephone poles in front of the house, and I found a great blog that had instructions to build exactly what I wanted. 

I cemented the poles in the ground and it took forever to set (turn white) about 4-5 days, then we got some rain and it unset!  It was very old cement.  I finally just said screw it and hung my line. It did cause them to lean in a bit but it's 2 feet in the ground I'm sure it's not going anywhere

Mother bought me some nice American made clothespins.  I put them in the  clothespin holder dress I made.  I was happy to put my first load out on the line.  I took the picture, then put my boxers on the line, your welcome!  And just like Grandma Buller always said, you hang your underwear in the middle behind the other clothes!
Now I need to find some antique glass insulators to put on the arms.

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