Thursday, July 28, 2016

Birthday Celebration

I planned a get together with my mom, siblings and aunt & uncle. My brother and my aunt & uncle had not seen my new house yet. It turned into a birthday party. (my birthday was on the following day)

We had a great time.  I was especially happy that my friend Danny was able come.  The day went very fast and before you knew it, it was over.  My Uncle Daryl was not feeling very well and was not able to make it.  

Auntie Ann had a very pretty and delicious cake made for me.

Plus these fun chick sugar cookies.

I was so happy that Auntie Ann got to hold her namesake, Queen Ann.

In other news the garden is beginning to be over run with weeds again!  It's never ending, but it's been way to hot for me to be working out in it. I have some type of breakout on my forehead and all over my chest, arms and back, just from sweating!  I seem to be alergic to sweating!  Which is not good when you don't have air conditioning.  Hopefully we will get a break from the heat and I can try to tackle the garden again.  I really should have put everyone from the party to work, if everyone took a row or two we could have had it done in no time!

This was my latest harvest from the garden.  I have lots of tomatoes that will be ripening soon, can't wait!  I may have to put a fence around the garden. It will depend on how often I let the chickens run free.  I let them run last night and I had a basket with some cherry tomatoes in it that I picked on the ground, Lillian really wanted to get at them!  They love tomatoes!  So I'll have to keep an eye on where they roam so they don't help themselves too much.

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