Sunday, June 5, 2016

Porch progress

This past weekend Jim took all the walls off the porch.  One of the previous owners had put particle board up with a couple small windows and enclosed the front porch.  This cut off the sunlight coming into the house and looked awful.  Here is a picture from when we first bought the house.

It is so nice and bright in the living room and dining room.  Even with the dark burgundy color on the dining room walls, which I hope will be changing soon!  Its amazing how much of a difference opening up the porch has made inside.  Plus we can sit on the porch and enjoy the sunsets now.

We are going to have the original half wall removed and have a couple pillars installed.  We have not decided yet if we want to put up a guardrail.  I'm leaning towards yes, but cost will be a big factor.

The girls are really growing fast.  They still have some areas with fluff but most are feathered out quite a bit.  Here they are enjoying some sun and fresh air.  They will be ready to move into the chicken tractor in a couple weeks, which will probably take that long to complete it.  Its coming along nicely, can't wait to show it to you.

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  1. Yay! We really miss the porch we had at our old house. You can always install a rail later :-)