Sunday, May 15, 2016

Meet the chicken....Light Brahma

The Light Brahma are a giants among the poultry breeds.  Brahmas are so large they can take up to two years to reach full size.  Their breed originates from the Brahmaputra region of India.  They lay about 120 brown eggs a year.

They have a pea comb and feathered feet!  This is another tame and friendly breed. Of course mine does not seem to tame right now!  She is the noisiest one of the four, always chirping.  She is the slowest one to start her feathers that may be due to the longer growing period of her breed.

I thought that maybe she would end up being the highest in the pecking order but after reading more about her breed, you have to make sure this breed is not bullied to much even from smaller birds.  

This is what she will look like after she looses her cute fuzz.

What to name her?  I have no idea. Greta? Beatrice? What do you think?

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