Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Trip to Indiana

Last Saturday the 7th we took our annual trip to Indiana to visit my Great Aunt June.  We went a little later than usual, just to much going on.  We picked up my Auntie Ann, then stopped at my cousin, DE's, new pizza joint and picked up pizza to take to Aunt June.

Buller's Three Oaks Pizza Dept. - T.O.P.D.
I just love that name!  They did a wonderful job with the logo too.  I really hope the new business goes well.

If your ever around Three Oaks, MI you know were to stop!!

We had a great visit with Aunt June.  I wish we were able to visit more often. 

Auntie Ann & Aunt June
We took all three dogs too!  Boy what a circus!  It was a good thing we picked up pizza instead of going out to a restaurant like we usually do.  Bringing two kennels was bad enough, can you imagine having to bring three.  They were good boys even though they tried to sit on Aunt Junes lap!

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