Saturday, November 28, 2015

New Chainsaw

Jim has a Husqvarna too!  His is a bit more lethal than my sewing machine.

We have a couple trees at the farm that we want to remove.  Jim rented a chainsaw to cut down one already.  We needed to get it out of the way so the fence for the dogs can go up, which will be going up Monday....yeah!
We figured if you rent one 3 or more times you were basically paying for one so we thought we might have need of it down the road so we should just buy one.

We put it to work right away and cut down the half dead tree in the front yard.

We really wanted it to fall across the driveway.  Trees are always taller than you think and the power lines and the house were in the other directions, of course all the branches of the tree (the main weight) were in the direction of the power line and the house!

Then it got stuck! Jim had to run to Menards to get a wedge.  This is why you always buy those things first, you will never know when your going to need them.

I was all ready to take a picture mid fall, but it started to fall towards where Jim was cutting and I got scared for him and didn't even think about taking the shot. 
Luckily the dead top broke off as it was falling so it was not tall enough to hit the power lines at that point,  plus the little crabapple tree stopped it too.  I really need to start using the video camera when we do things like this!!  We got most of it cut up and loaded in the truck.  Jim is giving it to a co-worker that burns it for heat.  I hauled most of the limbs to the ever growing brush pile out back.  We still have the main trunk to cut up and haul away but we ran out of light and room in the truck.

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