Monday, March 24, 2014

Hoop tragedy

I was all set to embroider some blocks to make some neonatal quilts for the WMQG, and tragedy struck!  The first block was just completed and I went to take it out of the hoop. The hoop screw thingy broke, the tension spring flew across the room and I uttered a moan of disbelief!  How could this happen now!  I had just cut all the fabric to fit my 6x6 hoop and was all set to spend the day sewing. UGH!

One block done.
I fired off a desperate email plea for help to Tim at Smith Owen sewing.  I didn't know if this was something that could be fixed or did I have to buy a whole new hoop?  Tim's reply was that he could fix it and he had the part in stock. Yea!!
So I was able to stop by after work one day and Tim took care of it. While Tim was busy fixing by broken hoop, I was able to pick up a few yards of fabric to add to may stash.  It's amazing when things work out like that!
Now to finish some embroidered blocks!

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