Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sweat Shop

I ran a sweat shop this weekend!  My mother came to visit and stay for a couple days and we got a lot of sewing done.  

We finished up these princess bags that were ordered from a customer.  They wanted a bag similar to the big bags I make but smaller for her grandchildren and they had to be made with glitter fabric!  Lord, there is glitter everywhere in my studio!  You'll find glitter on the next ten projects I do!

 I found this awesome embroidery at my favorite go to online shop.  I turned it into an   applique to make it easier to stitch on the bags.  It sure used a lot more thread than I thought it would. 

Then we made something extra with the left over fabric.  I wanted to make something for my customers grandchildren as a special thank you from me.  She has already purchased 2 or 3 of my Wizard-of-Oz bags.

I designed this little crayon and paper holder.  Its just a small little travel case that holds a 4x6 pad of paper and six crayons.

It ties closed with a little ribbon.  I thought they might enjoy them. 

We had a nice assembly line going and got things done fast.  It was nice to have minion even if it was only for one weekend!! 
It wasn't all work!  We did go out to dinner and my cousin, Jamon, joined us too. 


  1. Bobbi, the bags are so cute!!!! Thank you so much. My granddaughters will love them. Ann and I was thinking we could use little bags too!! We will talk to you later about that. Oh...I loved my birthday card you made. Thank you again Bobbi.

    Connie :)

    1. Thanks Connie, I am glad you like them. Yeah, Ann told me you two wanted little bags too! Boy, my list keeps growing and growing! I told Ann she would have to come up and be my minion next time!!
      Thanks again