Friday, July 26, 2013


I had a wonderful birthday yesterday.  I enjoyed lunch with my best friend, Danny.  We stopped at a tea shop, where I got a few different varieties of loose leaf tea to try.

I received this wonderful gift from my good friend, Betsy.  This was made by the Yo-Yo sisters at the Paducah, KY quilt show.  You can see the yo-yo's on the ends.  This one was special made just for me, they didn't have any "chicken themed" ones at the quilt show so Betsy had them check there stash and they made one with little chicks.  I love it!

 It holds a spool of thread and several needles.  You thread all the needles ahead of time.  Then you take the top needle and pull the thread to the length you want, the thread travels through all the other needles too.  When you are done sewing with that needle you grab the next one, already threaded and ready to us.

Thanks so much, Betsy.  I am very luck to have  you as a friend. 

Jim got me a Breville tea maker, and I just bought a bunch of new tea to try!  This thing is great, it brews your tea to the correct temperature.  Once the water reaches the correct temperature the tea strainer lowers into the water and it brews for the allotted time and then rises back up out of the water so it doesn't keep brewing and get too strong!

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