Monday, June 3, 2013

SewEzi Table

Look what the Fed Ex man brought me on Friday!
My SewEzi table.

So of course, I had to spend all day Sunday cleaning and rearranging my studio.  I moved my embroidery machine to the side of the room, so now I have to get a longer USB connector cable to keep it connected to my computer.  It makes uploading embroidery designs to the machine so much easier.

When I placed my order I asked for an extra insert, one for each of my sewing machines.  I got an email from the company informing me that my two machines would us the same insert, so I didn't need to purchase an extra one.  I was very impressed that they took the time to save me money.

I am so happy to have a machine to sew on that is flush with the table.
I also got my garden planted this weekend.  I bought some tomato plants and we are trying out some new seeds this year.  I planted cabbage, beet, northern bean and kidney bean seeds.  I will let you know how things progress.


  1. Love my Sew-Ezi table! I only use it at retreat, but it is just ideal!


  2. That is a great idea! Now I can go on retreats, just have to convince someone to let me out of the house!!