Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Marcia

My Auntie Ann has a group of girlfriends that she has grown up with and they do a lot together.  One thing they do is celebrate each others birthday's.  Well its Marcia's!! Since I made that card for Gabriella's birthday my Aunt has asked me to make one for her girlfriend.  They each got a tiara (cause they are Queens!!) at their Christmas get together in 2008 and each got their picture taken.  So this is what I have to wok with, a tiara with wonder holes in it with a colorful Christmas tree in the background!! Oh well, I was able to clean up the photo around Marica's face but I was not going to try to clear out the background in each open space of her tiara.  The end result looks very colorful!!

Marcia cleaned up!!

 There are 35 different colors in Marcia's photo stitch out. I got them all ready to go ahead of time.

My thread holder on my sewing machine holds 8 colors at a time so I broke them into groups of 8 and took a photo after each group.  

 After the first 8 colors. 

You can see more definition and those colors on top keep growing!!

So much fun to see it come to life. 

After 8 hours the embroidery is done. Then I trim the card and cut the corners on a 45° angle.  I fold it with the help of an iron and then stitch around the edges.

Then you have a card!!
Hope you have a great birthday, Marcia.

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