Monday, October 8, 2012

Quilts by Friends

I am still so excited about my 1st place blue ribbon in the Bed Quilts -Pieced-Hand/Machine Quilted category.  Mine was machine quilted, of course! 
 I wanted to share some of my friends quilts. 

This is Sue's , doesn't it look yummy!
 This is Betsy's that also was in the AQS show!

These are Lisa's entries.  Its so much better when you can get the artist with their quilt!!
 This is Sandy's quilt.  Sandy taught me how to applique.  She does excellent work!


  1. I'm honored to be on your blog! I've never been called an artist before :)

    1. After that wonderful bag you made me... you are truly an artist!!

    2. Did I mention that you can wash it with soapy water? I think I mentioned it may have some residue on it, but don't remember if I told you you can wash that off??

    3. Yeah you mentioned it but it seems to be pretty clean anyway!!