Sunday, September 16, 2012

Irish Festival

Saturday we went to the Irish Festival in Muskegon.  One would think after all the drag shows I've been to, I would be used to seeing a bunch of men in skirts! But let me tell you I have never seen so many men in skirts.  Of course, I should not say skirts, they are kilts, and these burly men in their kilts are kinda hot!  I was quite impressed with them. I think the choice of footwear really helped with the look.  I did see one guy with flip flops and he just wasn't pulling off the look at all.  I think the best were the ones with black army boots or something along those lines.  I even thought the black high top Keds were pretty cool.  There were a couple younger guys doing regular tennis shoes, and those were okay.  They were young, they'll learn!

I tried really hard to channel that 1/8 or 1/16 wee bit of Scottish in me but just couldn't find it.  I might have to research and find out my clan colors so I can get me own kilt, then I can feel more part of the group!

I wanted to share my butterfly chips with you!!  They were quite good.  They had lots of Irish food, of course, and other fair type food vendors.  And Beer!  The whole place had a yeast smell that did not go away, it progressed.  It wasn't that yummy bread in the oven yeast smell either, it was beer!  We got there at 2pm and by 5pm you noticed people walking with more of a stagger!  Not being a beer drinker myself, and the designated driver, I stuck with good ol' root beer from one of the vendors!

They imported all kinds musical entertainers that were very good and had that wonderful accent when they spoke!! I don't know much about Irish music, so most of it kind of sounded the same.  But they were all mighty talented. 

My highlight for the day was when this gentleman in a stunning blue and green plaid kilt with matching tie came up to me and said "The geek in me has to come over to you and say nice shirt" as he holds up his fist showing me his Green Lantern ring!  I, of course was wearing my Green Lantern T-shirt!  What! was the only green shirt I had!

So afterwords I was told this would be an annual thing for us now!  So I'm starting my recruiting early, cause I think it would be more fun if we went with a small group of people or at least another couple. 

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