Monday, July 23, 2012

Phone Quilt completed

I think it turned out okay, but let me tell you it was not fun!!  I used Peltex 72F as my batting and it was not fun sewing on it.  My tread kept breaking.  I changed my needle twice and still it was a pain!  So my thinking was that sewing threw the Peltex was screwing up the tension.  I even used my new Tribute 140C to sew the binding on and it still broke the thread.  So then when I went to sew my sleeve on I used a different thread and wouldn't you know it worked fine.  Granted, I was only sewing a 12 inch line but it was much better.  So my conclusion is that my Superior thread did not like the Peltex.  I love my Superior thread and will continue to use it but now I know (and you do too!) that it does not work well on Peltex!

 Here is a fun angle shot of my cord.  I used aluminum jewelry wire to make it.  This is why I used Peltex for my batting.  I needed something that would support the wire on the quilt.  I also used antique pearl buttons on the dial.
I designed this stitch on my sewing machine.  I wanted it to look kinda like a phone cord.  I was so proud of it, but it took so long to stitch out because of my thread breaking issues that I was disgusted with it!  At least it is all done now!
I also finished a beehive pincushions.  This is going to be the First Prize at the Small Quilt Viewers Choice Contest at the West Michigan Quilt Guild's July meeting.  The bee pins I made using Shrinky-Dinks.  So fun!! 

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