Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wizard of Oz bags

I have been sewing my little heart out to get all these Wizard of Oz bags done. I am glad to be done!  This is the end of my Wizard of Oz fabric stash so this should be it for my Wizard of Oz bags. Once these are gone, no more.  So come get them while you can!
 This picture just shows a sample of them I have a total of 12 done.

I also have to share a tragic story with you.  I have been working on my sleeves for my sweater for weeks now.  I mean weeks that feel like months!  One of my fellow knitters noticed that they seemed very long and I should be done, so I sat with an instructor and found out I had been doing them wrong!  I was only increasing on one side instead of both sides.  So I had to take it all apart and wind my yarn into new balls and start all over.  I just said, it was a nice practice exercise for me, and then I went home and cried!  I will let you know, weeks and weeks from now, when I get them done correctly.


  1. They are all beautiful!!!!! I love the good witch. I am so sorry to hear about your sweater. I know you will get it.

  2. i would love to have the sepia one