Friday, May 25, 2012

New iron

I am so excited about my new (used) Digital Simplicity quik press!

I got it on eBay for $25.  Shipping was $35, but still, $60 total for something that cost $300 brand new. I just could not pass it up. It is in very good condition.  This was sold sold by a sewing/vacuum store that got it as a trade in when someone was buying a new sewing machine.

My friend Terri has been letting me use her iron whenever I needed.  It has been a great time saver when I'm trying to fuse Pellon fleece to fabric. What took 15-20 minutes with my regular iron takes five minutes with the press! Yeah, definitely worth $25.00.

The only drawback is, I will miss visiting with Terri when I went to her house to work. Wait a minute..hold the phone.. this iron could travel across town very easily!  Terri you let me know whenever you want some company...have iron will travel! 


  1. Very nice! I know you will be keeping busy! Happy you finally got it and that it is in good shape!

  2. Any time, Bobbi! So glad it is in great shape. Have fun!