Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quilt as you go

My mother and I have been discussing the "quilt as you go" technique in quilt making because she was contemplating making a quilt with this method. So I thought I would share my quilt that I made using this technique.  This was my very first quilting class at Smith Owen Sewing! Of course I quickly signed up for "Learning to Quilt" after realizing I had a lot to learn!!
 What is even more amazing is that this project did (eventually) get finished!! 
I have to tell you a funny story about this quilt.  The instructor, Nancy, was using my blocks to demonstrate something in class then she was drawing a diagram on a piece of paper over my block and her ink pen went through the paper marking my nice cream background!  Now I know she just felt awful! But I was not worried in the least! It's fun to laugh about now. It just took a little laundry detergent with an old toothbrush and to this day I could not tell you which block it was that the mark was on!

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