Monday, February 13, 2012

Battenburg Lace Hearts

This weekend I finished putting together some Battenburg lace heart doilies.  I got the embroidery design from Embroidery Library
You make 4 lace hearts then sew them together to make the doilies. They really went together fairly easy.  It took about 35 minutes to stitch out one small heart and 55 minutes to do the large one.  The sizes of the doilies are 6", 9"  and 11".  As my Auntie Ann says "Who can't use a doily!" I thought they would make nice Valentines gifts. I bought two spools of thread, one white one red, to do these lace embroideries.  I did the small heart first then the medium one. I was down to the last few minutes of the fourth heart when I ran out of white thread on the spool.  So I had to split the rest that was on the bobbin and finish it with just a little remaining!!  Luckily I had some white thread to stitch them together.  I had plenty of red thread left so that is why the big one is in red with a white accent.

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