Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Cookies

Peanut Butter Blossoms
Well I finally got my cookies all done and packaged up ready to go, so I can now share with you all the wonderful pictures.  I'll give you a minute to go grab a glass of milk before I proceed!!

Kris Kringles
I'm sure you all are familiar with the Peanut Butter Blossoms.  These Kris Kringles are a wonderful cookie with dried cranberries, peanuts and white chocolate chunks.

These Buckeye's are a family favorite.  My Grandma Buller used to make these every year along with about 100 different varieties.  Okay maybe not that many but when your a kid and she has tons of cookies all over the back porch, it looks like hundreds of varieties!!  Another family favorite is her Shortbread cookies.  Well, mine this year would not roll out so they ended up in the bin, and I wasn't going to give them another try.  I'll have better luck next year. 

No-Bake Peanut Butter
I did an experiment cookie this year.  I made No-Bake cookies without adding the coco powder and increased my peanut butter by 1/4 cup.  They are not bad.  I think if I can find some peanut butter flavoring and add that instead of vanilla, that will give it just a bit more of a peanut butter edge!

Coconut-Lime Bars
I tried out a new recipe this year, Coconut-Lime Bars.  The crust has macadamia nuts and lime zest in them.  They are very good but could use more lime so next time I will add  the juice of the lime too.

 I picked up these cute little boxes by Martha Stewart.  After I got them opened I realized they weren't as little as I thought!  They were a little bit bigger than what my cookie allotment was!!  I just added some extra tissue paper on the top to cushion them in their travels.  Then after I got them all boxed up I remembered I bought Reese's bells and Hersey miniatures to add to them and give them some extra color. Oh well, now I'm just forced to eat them so they don't go to waste.


  1. Dammit, Bobbi! You are making me look bad...I haven't even started my baking yet...;-)

  2. Hey Bobbi,Fabulous cookies! Yum! Double the zest, extra juice makes 'em soggy. I can give you my Scottish grandma's shortbread recipe if you like - never sticks, dissolves in the mouth. Think I'll go and make some right now. Looks like you had a wonderful family Christmas, great pictures. Happy New Year. Cheers, Adrienne