Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Cards

I'm happy to say that I have my cards all made...Now I just have to get them mailed out!!

I started with these piles of paper that I cut ahead of  time.  I followed a workshop from one of my Creative Memories books.  It has you cut 2 different solid color sheets of paper and one with a printed design.  Then you have instructions to put together 16 cards in 8 different styles.  So I did this times 3 and have all my Christmas cards (plus a few Birthday ones too!!Shh!)

I am very pleased with the results!  Some of them probably could have used  a little more embellishing but after working on them for 8+hours you kinda just say "Good enough!!" or my favorite saying, "Good enough for who its for!"

Also this week I got a few more batches of cookies made, I'll show those off in a couple days.  I also collected my unsold items from A Grand Skein.  I only sold a few items, which is great, better than nothing!  Surprisingly my Wizard of Oz bag didn't sell so I will have to get that listed on Etsy here in a couple days.  They said next year will be better.  This was the first year so next year they will know better ways of advertising and promoting it.

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