Friday, October 7, 2011

A creative mess ... better than tidy idleness.

I keep saying I want to clean my studio but I just keep stitching.. Not that it's a bad thing! I got this block done and the next one is almost ready to be pieced and I just started stitching the last one!! But even more exciting that that... I sold one of my b vegetable bags on Etsy!! When I went to that craft show with my Aunt I carried my bag around and I had business cards with my Esty address on them and when someone asked about my bag I gave them a card...and it paid off!  So guess what I'll be doing this weekend. I have the panels all ready to go I just need to put it all together.
Unfortunately the job I thought I would be getting fell through, I probably jinxed it by talking about it too much!  Well I better get back to stitching, currently watching Season 3 of the Mentalist.  It helps the stitching time go faster.

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