Thursday, September 8, 2011

My yellow house

This is block "month 5". I had to make my house yellow!!  Not only is it my favorite color but in my dreamland where I live in the country my farm house is yellow. My grandma's house was yellow and I always loved it.  I like how one of the tree "blossoms" goes over the edge. She has a couple blocks in the quilt that do this.

The gate was fun to make. There is so much detail with the embroidery it really makes a difference.

Now the sad news, My brand new little red iron broke!! I am not having good luck with irons lately. This will make the second one in two months that broke. My little Rowenta I did break myself.  I pressed to hard too many times and the handle broke!! But the good news, I bought my new iron from P3 Designs and she is sending me a replacement ASAP!! Pearl is the best! Not only did she come up with the wonderful applique technique that I was taught by Sandy at Smith Owen but she sells wonderful products too!  At least I have enough pieces ready to stitch so that should keep me busy until my replacement arrives.


  1. This is awesome Bobbi! What's the pattern?

  2. This is looking terrific, Bobbi!