Saturday, September 24, 2011

At the middle point

I have a total of 5 blocks done now, Four more to go! Now if I had started this quilt as it is sold, this would have been my first block.  When I first looked at the quilt I thought the "water" embroidery on the water fountain would be fun to make in tear drop beads.  In the end I liked the original embroidery it goes with all the other embroidery.  I wouldn't like jewels or beads on just one little block and no other place. I took some time and pre-made four long strips to use in the rest of the blocks. Each one is over 6 feet long so it should help in putting the next blocks together quicker.

Austin spent the day with me on Thursday and he helped me can raspberry jam.  It was my first time making jam so I didn't know if we would end up with jam or ice cream topping!  Of course he enjoyed smashing them with the potato masher and said it looked like zombie blood!

It was his dad's birthday so Austin made a card and took him a jar of jam for a gift!  I think they turned out pretty nice.  Well I think I'll go make some toast!

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